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"I always use Eyecing before a makeup application because it really hydrates the eye area and the actors love how cool and refreshing it feels. I've been using it on Elizabeth Perkins recently and she LOVES it too."

Judy Yonemoto
Makeup Department Head on "How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life" ABC network

Shannon Nelson "ArcticLift targets slacking skin and firms, tightens and lifts it. Not only was I told that I would see immediate visible results, but that it has a cumulative effect with results continuing to improve over time. I was slightly skeptical because I have yet to use a firming neck cream that actually works. But my skin is no longer sagging. I no longer have a double chin. My neck looks tighter overall making it look thinner. I was amazed and I honestly wanted to go find all of my aging girlfriends and scream, "Buy this now!"

Shannon Nelson
Beauty Blogger, A Girl's Gotta Spa

I've been using all of the Freeze 24-7® products on Nina on the set of 'Project Runway.' They are amazing—they really help to tighten and firm her skin and as a makeup artist, I love that they still perform under makeup and help keep her skin looking youthful and bright on camera. Her skin looks fantastic!

Makeup Artist to Nina Garcia on Project Runway Season 10

I've actually seen people actually start jumping up and down, people start crying. No words can describe how happy people are when they see a product in a department store that actually shows results right there in the mirror.


It's the one product I've seen on the market, which actually has an immediate result. Not having to have an injectible in your face is going to be a benefit. When you can find something that can have the same effect or the same results as Botox without actually having to have the needle it would certainly be my choice.


I've never seen anything that worked so fast, and I am a total skin care junkie, All of a sudden the circles under my eyes were gone, the big pores that I have were gone, I was like quick, get this on the other side man, because this side's looking really good, this side is not looking so good, they have to match now. I was sold instantly. It was amazing!


Using the Freeze 24-7® has done the same thing for me that some women get by having eye lifts, but I don't have any surgery lines and haven't gone through the surgery.


With Freeze 24-7® I had instant gratification with the signs I had of aging. It's nice that this is a product that you don't have to inject needles into your forehead. It's just a little cream and it just relaxes everything and you know, makes it back to the way it should be.


Who wants wrinkles? I don't want wrinkles. I want my skin to look youthful. I don't want to look old. I want to look young.

I love Freeze 24-7. It lasts all day long.

I would put the wrinkle cream on the spots where normally you get wrinkles. I smile a lot, so I would put it on my smile line and then the famous crow's feet around the eyes and underneath the eyes.

The wrinkles vanish. I mean if you have wrinkles or you don't it's a great preventive maintenance.


When my son got married in March and it was really important to me to look pretty that day. I wanted to look good in the wedding picture so I started my morning of course with my Freeze and then my makeup and I felt really good, felt confident in the pictures, and they turned out really nice. It was a beautiful wedding.


Where do I not have lines at this age? I've got crows feet, I've got parenthesis around my mouth.

Freeze 24-7® makes me feel younger. It tightens up the face and the wrinkles seem to disappear. I'm not sure how they do it but they do it.


As you get a little older you try to just really take care of yourself and especially take care of your skin, especially they're shooting a lot in High Definition now, and you see every little thing on your face so, it's really important to take care of your skin.

The one thing that I love about Freeze 24-7® is it really gives me the confidence to walk on set and feel like my skin is glowing and radiant and ready to be filmed.

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